Rug Restoration Bronx

Do you have an area rug that needs to be brought back to its former beauty?

If you need repair to a rug, you should contact our company. We do quality repair on rugs. We do not bring in average people off the street. Our employees are real craftsmen weavers who hail from the same countries the rugs they work on originate in. The repairs are done utilizing the same methods and materials used in the original. Your rug’s value and quality will be maintained.

We can also perform rug repair on rugs that you might surmise are completely destroyed. Our experienced weavers could repair everything from water, fire and smoke damage to insect and animal exposure to restoring a rug’s former beauty because of exposure to the elements. Not just do we proudly serve the greater New York State area, but we can additionally accept assignments from anywhere in the United States. Don’t hesitate to dial us about the damage to your cherished rug.

At the first point of wear and tear or damage, you must call us so we may give you the best possibly solution to save your family heirloom. Possibly you surmised it just could not be saved, but you’ll be amazed at what we can do! When you see the first evidence of damage, you should call us right away so that your rug does not suffer anymore serious damage. Much of the time, the restorations are simple, and repair is typically priced lower than one might think. As such, you need to stop procrastinating and get your valuable rug to us and get a free quote from one of the rug repair experts we employ.

Here are some of the restoration services we supply:

- Reweaving missing end pieces

-They may reweave and repair damaged corners!

- We could fix water damage.

- Have moths eaten your rug? Let us demonstrated what we can do.

- If your rug is now more holes than weave, we are the place to repair it.

- We could repair designs that have been lost.

- If your rug needs new binding, bring it in to us.

- They could also fix the fringes.

We do not consider what we do as a job. It’s our love. We love rugs. We will love your rug as our own. We restore, repair and help you maintain your rug’s natural beauty.

We shall address your rug as if it were our own; taking the time and skill to repair it, mend it or clean it as warranted.

All rugs have specific needs, which means they have to be cleaned in a special way. To begin with, we accomplish an inspection before we commence cleaning.

Our experts go over every rug before any work commences, checking for even the smallest indication of fading, discoloration, wear, stains, pre-existing damage, color instability and even odors.

After that, we can make a determination on what is required to be done so that you get your rug back in a much better condition than when we picked it up!

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