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That precise dust and debris that changes your furniture will additionally find its way into your drapes. Often cleaning regimens could lengthen the beauty and lifespan of drapes while also maintaining a spotless, cheerful and healthy atmosphere throughout the home.

This is a way we could help you finish such a goal…

Step 1: Total Examination. Initially, we search for any problems that could pose special obstacles to cleaning, including irremovable staining, sun damage and the like. Before we start we may determine the predicted outcome of the drapery cleaning and report to you.

Step 2: Deep Cleaning with a Vacuum – The important part in fixing any textile, this step maximizes the effectiveness of the cleaning agents. All drapery must be absolutely vacuumed so that all dust and dry dirt is taken out.

Step 3: Utilizing sponges, A&B Carpet and Rug Cleaning will take out dirt. The sponges we utilize have been covered with dry-cleaning solutions, while they are not dampened. Oil based soils could often get into the air when you are preparing meals, so, these sponges are excellent for removing that type of soil.

Step 4: Extra Spot Treatment – If we see stains that were not excised by the sponges, we’ll treat the area with the proper cleaning agent.

Step 5: Our specialized cleaning solution gets dirt out of the curtain and enhances the treatment concurrently. The drapery benefits from a soft misting of this solution.

Step 6: In the Post Inspection stage, our employee will inform you of the cleaning results when it is finished.

Drapery could be a difficult item to repair and often needs a different approach from most other textiles. Fabrics can shrink, crease and stain if the drapery cleaning is not done by professionals. We promise you that our drapery experts utilize just the most up-to-date cleaning techniques and machinery when tending to your drapery cleaning needs. We shall grab your drapes during the time we pick them up from you. In a few days, they should be returned to you, installed in their previous location, and will be totally clean and bright.

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